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Spring 4+ with Ehcache 3.x

This post describes an example of using Ehcache with a Spring MVC application deployed on Tomcat (not using Spring boot). It is a legacy app that needs to be upgraded.

The dependencies are:


Application context must be updated in this way:

<!-- ***** CACHE CONFIGURATION v.3 ***** -->
<cache:annotation-driven cache-manager="ehCacheManager" />
<bean id="ehCacheManager" class="org.springframework.cache.jcache.JCacheCacheManager">
  <property name="cacheManager">
    	<bean class="org.springframework.cache.jcache.JCacheManagerFactoryBean" 
        p:cacheManagerUri="classpath:ehcache.xml" />

The method must be annotated with @Cacheable so that Spring will handle the caching. As a result of this annotation, Spring will create a proxy of the NumberService to intercept calls to the square method and call Ehcache.

This is how to annotate the method (a service or a Dao implementation) providing the cache alias and the key for the cache:

@Cacheable(value = "retrieveUserIdOfMYGroup", key = "#userId")
public ArrayList<Integer> retrieveUserIdOfMYGroup(int userId) {

Now, ehcache.xml config that is completely different than the previous version of ehcache (this is a simple config):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
            http://www.ehcache.org/v3 http://www.ehcache.org/schema/ehcache-core-3.0.xsd
            http://www.ehcache.org/v3/jsr107 http://www.ehcache.org/schema/ehcache-107-ext-3.0.xsd">
	<cache-template name="myDefaults">
	<!-- @Cacheable(value = "retrieveUserIdOfMYGroup", key = "#userId") -->
	<cache alias="retrieveUserIdOfMYGroup" uses-template="myDefaults">
		<heap unit="entries">200</heap>

Cache listeners allow implementers to register callback methods that will be executed when a cache event occurs and print on the log appender. This is how class CacheLogger is implemented:

public class CacheLogger implements CacheEventListener<Object, Object> {

  protected final Log LOG = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());
	public void onEvent(CacheEvent<? extends Object, ? extends Object> cacheEvent) {
		LOG.info("Key: " + cacheEvent.getKey()  
      + " | EventType: " + cacheEvent.getType() 
      + " | Old value: " + cacheEvent.getOldValue() 
      + " | New value: " + cacheEvent.getNewValue());		

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