Time to Quit

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If you see one of these red flags: being compensated unfairly. being mistreated, undervalued, or disrespected. disagreeing with the fundamental strategy or practices of the company and not being in a position to change them. failing to get along with your manager and your teammates. failing to fit in with the company culture. read immediately….

Lezione di economia by S. Barisoni

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Ieri ho appreso quella che posso considerare una grandissima lezione di economia applicabile ad ogni livello (macro e micro economico) sulla svalutazione. Tutto nasce dalla risposta data nella trasmissione Focus Economia di Radio24 da parte di Sebastiano Barisoni a Beppe Grillo. Sul suo blog, il grillo genovese, aveva scritto in maniera delirante come le idee….

4 Terrible Questions Job Interviewers Should Never Ask Again

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I have been interviewed a lot of time until now, and I can confirm, in some case, the interviewer did something really bad like asking me “Where do you see yourself in three years?” or reading my cv for first time or sending sms and smiling reading them during the interview. I read this article….

Nuclear plant vs bikeshedding

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From OpenMRS developer guide: “Although we encourage public discussions about our software design, it’s also important to avoid non-productive conversations about trivial details. This type of anti-pattern best described by the concept of bikeshedding, which gets its name from a 1960s book about management. In the book, C. Northcote Parkinson described how it might be….

Kim Jong Un situation

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That’s the situation on which you are doing a complicate change in production and the management is waiting (and in the worst case watching you) behind your chair. “Hey dude, any update about the production deployment??” “Sorry, can’t talk, Kim Jong Un situation here” by Andrea Girardi – Fri 19, 2014 PS: if you like….


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…e poi guardi il video di Samantha Cristoforetti e almeno oggi non ti fa proprio schifo essere italiano. Emozionante il saluto della mamma perch√© si sa, per gli italiani la mamma √® sacra!

Query date based using milliseconds time on MongoDB

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I need to search all records that match a date condition. On MongoDB I’ve a bunch of data like this: { "_id" : "9ed3b937-0f43-4613-bd58-cb739a8c5bf6", "userModels" : { "5080" : { "generated_date_timestamp" : NumberLong(1413382499442), "model_id" : 5080, }, } "values" : {} }{ "_id" : "9ed3b937-0f43-4613-bd58-cb739a8c5bf6", "userModels" : { "5080" : { "generated_date_timestamp" : NumberLong(1413382499442), "model_id"….

Multiple COUNT select from same table

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I fixed the issue in this way: SELECT R.id_request, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Flow F WHERE F.id_request = R.id_request AND processStatus = 1) AS flowTotal, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Flow F WHERE F.id_request = R.id_request AND processStatus = 2) AS flowApproved FROM Request RSELECT R.id_request, (SELECT Count(*) FROM Flow F WHERE F.id_request = R.id_request AND processStatus =….

Dynamic for with Spring MVC using a HashMap

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Sometime you need to dynamically generate a form without knowing how many fields it will be required (i.e. when your form is driven by a configuration or by some properties). The problem is to draw the form and, return the values to the Controller, and recognize the couples Field name / Field value after the….