Installing Parallels Tools in Linux Virtual Machine

Sometime happens you need to manually mount the cdrom to be able to install the Parallels Tools. Follow these instructions to do that:

1) Start the virtual machine. When the guest OS boots up, choose Install Parallels Tools from the Virtual Machine menu.

At this point, the prl-tools-lin.iso image file will be connected to the virtual machine’s CD/DVD drive.

2) Start a terminal in your Linux guest OS. Type the following command to gain the root privileges:

sudo su -

3) ount the Parallels Tools installation disc image, enter the following:

mount -o exec /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

Note: /dev/cdrom is the virtual machine’s CD/DVD drive and /media/cdrom is the mount point for this device. In some of the Linux operating systems the virtual CD/DVD drive may appear as /dev/hdb and the mount point /mnt/cdrom. Some Linux OSs do not have the CD/DVD drive mount point. In this case, you should create the mount point directory manually.

4) When the installation disc image is mounted, change the directory to the CD/DVD drive directory using

cd /media/cdrom/

In the CD/DVD drive directory, enter the following to launch Parallels Tools installation:


Note: You must have the root privileges to run this command.

Follow the Parallels Tools Installer instructions to complete the installation.

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