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Looking for new challenge โ€“ Day #7

Replied to more than 20 job offers.
No replies.
Too much experience?

If found this article really interesting about the relocation: Relocation? No way! But please, keep requiring it by @alobbs

Consider this, here in Italy the job offers are for something absolutely not interesting (in some case really boring) and / or not honestly payed so, it’s mandatory to find outside Italy. Not a problem, there are a million of job offers, but what if somebody can’t relocate easily? (or can’t relocate at all?) I don’t want to settle and be unhappy for my entire life. I want to do something really interesting and exiting!

How can full-time telecommuters overcome feelings of isolation?

I’m working as full time telecommuters since 3 years and I periodically feel really uncomfortable with that (something that remembers a sine wave). Of course, isolation is the biggest issue that afflicts a telecommuter. I was reading some post on Internet about that a it seems to be an actual problem with many solutions, but anything that work for my small town.

Looking at this post on and one of best solution was to search coworking places… in San Francisco :)

BTW, it seems to be really hard to explain to not IT people that telecommuting has some vexing cons…

Some fun pics about TC:

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