Camel and RabbitMQ : Finally, how to!

Define a RabbitMQ broker endpoint in Camel is possible with the Bluelock camel-spring-amqp ( library. It’s an Apache Camel component that allows to natively communicate with a RabbitMQ broker and it’s implemented using Spring’s AMQP. For first, with Eclipse IDE create a new Maven Project with Artifact ID camel-arthetype-spring. This allows using Spring DSL to….

Send message from C# to rabbitMQ

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For first download and install the .NET/C# AMQP client library On Visual Studio, include the RabbitMQ.Client reference import the library into the class: using RabbitMQ.Client; using RabbitMQ.Client.Framing.v0_8;using RabbitMQ.Client; using RabbitMQ.Client.Framing.v0_8; At this point initialise the queue and connection to the RabbitMQ broker in the constructor: var connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory(); connectionFactory.HostName = HostName; Connection =….