Dynamic for with Spring MVC using a HashMap

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Sometime you need to dynamically generate a form without knowing how many fields it will be required (i.e. when your form is driven by a configuration or by some properties). The problem is to draw the form and, return the values to the Controller, and recognize the couples Field name / Field value after the….

JSP Error : Attribute qualified names must be unique within an element

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Today I updated an old Spring MVC application to Apache Tomcat 7 and some other newer jars and, when I started it, I get this error: SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [mvc-dispatcher] in context with path [/CG] threw exception [/WEB-INF/view/main.jsp (line: 2, column: 0) /WEB-INF/view/include.jsp (line: 3, column: 75) Attribute qualified names must be unique within….