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Put SQL result into a map

To extract two or more object (in this sample two Integer) from a DB and putting into a map, use this:

final Map<Integer,Integer> topic = new HashMap<Integer,Integer>();
getJdbcTemplate().query(sqlCommand, new Object[] {query_parameter}, new RowMapper<Object>(){
	public Object mapRow(ResultSet rs, int arg1) throws SQLException {
		topic.put(rs.getInt("integer1"), rs.getInt("integer2"));
		return null;

To read all values:

Iterator<Map.Entry<Integer, Integer>> users = userScheduledToday.entrySet().iterator();
while ( users.hasNext() ) {
	Map.Entry<Integer, Integer> entry = users.next();
	logger.debug("Key: " + entry.getKey() + " - Value: " + entry.getValue());