Show post categories using Webscript

To show all categories of a post, check if the cm:categories child association exists and, if yes, list all childs into the ftl file: <#if["cm:categories"]?exists> <categories> <#list["cm:categories"] as prop>${}</#list> </categories> </#if><#if["cm:categories"]?exists> <categories> <#list["cm:categories"] as prop>${}</#list> </categories>

Download Alfresco content from Java using Spring

To download content stored on Alfresco repository using Java, this is one possible way: String url = "http://localhost:18080/alfresco/d/a/workspace/SpacesStore/" + attach.getNode_ref() + "/" + attach.getAttach_filename() + "?ticket=" + ticket; return new ModelAndView("redirect:" + url);String url = "http://localhost:18080/alfresco/d/a/workspace/SpacesStore/" + attach.getNode_ref() + "/"